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Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica

Mar 17, 2022

It is incredible to think Green Beauty Conversations has arrived at episode 100. What a milestone to celebrate and an opportunity for me to take stock of the past four years on air.

In this time, the podcast has been listened to over half a million times and been downloaded in at least 90 countries. We’ve hit the number one spot in the beauty podcast charts in 50 of those countries, so I want to give a shoutout to loyal listeners in Egypt and India and Ghana and Saudi Arabia and Nigeria and Indonesia; just a few of the countries where we regularly top the beauty charts. It is humbling to know we make a difference to the indie beauty community right across the globe.

As podcast host, I have had the pleasure of interviewing a diversity of guests from across the beauty industry and beyond. They have not only shared fascinating stories of entrepreneurship and personal growth, but importantly also been controversial and thought provoking.

Each guest has opened up our minds to new possibilities and the change needed in this half a trillion $US business called beauty.

I invite you to listen in to this short celebratory 100th episode that I dedicate to you – our listener – and to all our guests, and in which I share what I have learned from running this podcast over these past four years.