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Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica

Apr 7, 2022

On Green Beauty Conversations, we have covered some challenging concepts in sustainable beauty such as the circular economy, carbon neutral and climate neutral beauty and zero waste. We admit these are not easy to grasp, but together with some incredible guests, this podcast has tried to unpacked these topics in simple terms.

While we might all nod in agreement with the ideals and aspirations driving sustainability concepts, just how do we in the indie beauty world make them part of our daily lives and business? Isn't the circular economy something that only big beauty brands with significant research teams and funds can put into practice?

In this episode, we hear from one indie beauty entrepreneur whose actions answer this question with a resounding 'No'. We find out that small brands can do just as much to reduce, recycle and reuse and retain resources in the economy as big businesses. It just takes vision, drive and some lateral thinking.

Formula Botanica CEO and podcast host Lorraine Dallmeier speaks to indie beauty entrepreneur Tammy Facey who single handedly pioneered her own circular economy scheme. In 2017 Tammy founded Jim + Henry, the UK's first brand for Afro and curly hair type to create a leave-in hair conditioner comprised of only eight ingredients.

Committed to sustainable beauty, Tammy set herself the mission of building a refillable beauty business. Listen in to her story and discover how small indie beauty brands can play their part in the circular economy too.