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Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica

Apr 14, 2022

Welcome to this Green Beauty Opinion in which Formula Botanica  CEO and podcast host Lorraine Dallmeier shares her main takeouts on the last episode with guest Tammy Facey, founder of indie beauty brand Jim + Henry.

In a beauty world struggling to grasp sustainability concepts, let alone act on them, solopreneur Tammy impressed us with her simple solutions for getting a product refill scheme up and running.  Where mainstream and big beauty brands stall behind well-meaning reports and set impressive goals for decades ahead, Tammy shows how indie beauty can succeed in doing something about sustainability right now.

Sustainable practices can't wait. If indie beauty adopts simple answers - which in Tammy's case meant picking up the phone and persuading refill stores to join her network - we can start to chip away at the complex challenges and make a real difference. Indie beauty doesn't need to overthink the issues.  With the founder often as sole decision-maker, indie beauty can be nimble and pioneer simple, local solutions that make a difference immediately.

Size doesn't matter in acting on sustainability. While indie beauty is world's apart from personal care giants, it can have the advantage of connecting directly to and helping educate its customers on sensible, simple solutions everyone can adopt effortlessly.

Lorraine is sure that an entrepreneurial mindset is the way to driving greater sustainability in the beauty sector. Are you up to the challenge?

Listen in for a thought-provoking opinion in which Lorraine challenges us to be the voice of change and integrity, making the beauty industry better and more sustainable.