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Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica

Feb 23, 2021

This is a very special episode of our podcast as it marks three years since we launched Green Beauty Conversations. To celebrate our anniversary, we go behind the scenes at Formula Botanica.

School CEO and podcast host Lorraine Dallmeier invited some of our now 40-strong team to chat about their roles and to share their insights and stories - both the fun and the mishap moments - in day-to-day life at Formula Botanica. We're a truly multinational team dedicated to serving a global student body of 12K students and growing.  We celebrate also the very people who make our work possible; our students and graduates who show us each day the limitless possibilities the green beauty space can open up.

Green Beauty Conversations: 3 years in brief

Over the past three years, Green Beauty Conversations has clocked up 60 episodes, almost 300,000 downloads and interviewed some 60 guests. We've hit the number one spot in iTunes for beauty and had deep dive conversations into both trending and controversial topics in the green beauty industry.

We have redefined what natural and clean beauty are, examined so-called blue beauty and raw beauty, and challenged the mainstream personal care industry to look behind short-term gains and discussed its sustainability credentials. We have shown that you don't need to be a cosmetic chemist to be a competent skincare or haircare formulator.

Along the way, we have pushed our guests on their topics and learnt from their expertise. We've been amazed by the innovation and tenacity of many of the green beauty business founders we've interviewed and never cease to be surprised by the sheer range of indie beauty niches they represent.

Our Team Behind the Scenes

If you have come across Formula Botanica from our podcast only, you may not know that we are a large, ever-growing team of dedicated professionals behind the scenes.

It takes around 40 of us to run Formula Botanica which now has over 12,500 students in over 175 countries. We received thousands of emails, chats, messages and comments on all our platforms from our school helpdesk to our many social media channels.

To celebrate the three-year mark of our youngest media outlet - this podcast - we chat in this milestone episode to members of our Education, Student Experience and Marketing & Tech teams. We will let their voices take you behind the scenes on what has been an incredible roller coaster journey from a small-scale student body following a single course delivered by email to the world's largest online education platform for natural organic formulators and indie beauty entrepreneurs.