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Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica

Jan 27, 2022

Imagine beauty packaging given to us by nature and that returns sustainably to nature once we, as beauty consumers, have unboxed our product and have no further need for its protective cartons, filler materials, mailer boxes and more?

Imagine then the infinite possibilities of magical mushrooms and plantable cosmetic containers.

Does this all sound too far fetched? In this episode, you'll hear just how organic matter from mushrooms is literally growing consumer packaging and how eye, brow and lip pencils and liner casings are sowing the seeds of bee-friendly, wild flower meadows.

Green Beauty Conversations has covered just about every sustainable angle, and many a greenwashing one too, in the world of beauty and its packaging. But when we heard about two innovative companies using nature to create packaging that is truly cradle-to-cradle in their life cycles, we just had to discover more.

The Magical Mushroom Company and Sprout World are redefining the notion of ethical sustainability in beauty products and packaging.

Podcast host and Formula Botanica CEO talks to Michael Stausholm, founder and CEO of Sprout World – the company behind the first makeup pencil in the world that can be planted and grown wildflowers; and to Natasha Walker, Business Development Manager at Magical Mushroom Company which develops a natural alternative to fossil fuel-produced polystyrene and other polymers at industrial scale.

Might the beauty industry be looking to the very nature it reveres in its cosmetic formulations for answers to reducing the tidal wave of unsustainable packaging it creates?

Listen in for some fascinating insights into how sustainable packaging is literally growing before our eyes.